Game Box


Take your event to the next level with our Game Box's! 

**Would you like to add more gaming stations to your Game Truck event (without booking a second trailer)?** 


  **Want to entertain your guests for a longer period of time?**

**Don't have enough guests to warrant a Game Truck?**

**Interested in Virtual Reality Racing alone?**

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Game Box is for you.

Game Box's can come with a choice of a PlayStation 4, XBOX One, or Wii U.

We will provide 2 games with your Game Box rental (unless added to Game Truck event).

We will provide 4 controllers for the console of your choice.


*FORTNITE is a registered trademark of Epic Games.

*Add Fortnite to your Game Box event!

*We provide the account

*Home internet required

Virtual Reality


Add Virtual Reality to your Game Box event. This addition would come with a PlayStation VR headset and 2 Virtual Reality Games.

Race Car Simulator


Add a Race Car Simulator to your Game Box event. This addition would come with the race car simulator (seat, steering wheel, pedals) on a rolling platform, PlayStation VR headset, and a copy of Drive Club VR.